Friday, April 10, 2009

Fragile Networks -- Our Book is Off to the Publisher!

Today, we shipped our book, "Fragile Networks: Identifying Vulnerabilities and Synergies in an Uncertain World," to John Wiley & Sons, Inc. The book is about 350 pages in length and we submitted it in camera-ready form. Qiang "Patrick" Qiang and I have been working on this book for the past year and it is based on many years of research. Wiley has already begun to publicize/market the book, which should be out in late Spring/early Summer. We were asked to choose the cover for the book out of three that Wiley had designed for us. I canvased faculty, administrators, staff members, graduate and undergraduate students, as well as friends and neighbors as to their favorite. Interestingly, the cover that undergrads uniformly liked was different from the cover that doctoral students all unanimously picked. We provided feedback to Wiley and will see what the ultimate cover design will be.

For now, I have been busy starting to disseminate the great news that the book will be out soon and have noted its upcoming publication in talks that I have given this year in Dallas, Vienna, and Ithaca. Next week, I will be giving a big talk in Minnesota and will also mention our new book.