Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Isenberg School of Management Celebrated

October 17, 2009 was the perfect Saturday for homecoming at UMass Amherst and for the dedication of the Dean Thomas O'Brien Endowed Chair. The first holder of this endowed professorship is our new Dean of the Isenberg School, Dr. Mark Fuller.

The dedication took place in our lovely atrium at 11:30AM and even the Isenbergs were in attendance, as well as our Chancellor, Provost, and many esteemed guests, donors, faculty, staff, and alums. It was a glorious event. Above I have posted a few photos from the dedication ceremony as well as from the wine tasting that took place afterwards, which was hosted by one of my former students, Peter Chouinard, who is now the President of the Wente Family Estates, which includes one of the largest wineries in California!

Mr. Chouinard spoke at the reception about the faculty that he remembered and highlighted both my great colleague, Professor Ben Branch, and me. We were so touched. When a student who is so successful comes back and says that it was the professors who taught him how to handle complex problem solving that has made a difference is simply thrilling!

The Isenberg School is a truly special place as is UMass Amherst. The video clip (with image above) was shown at the meeting of the UMass Foundation yesterday morning before the dedication. My students and I were interviewed and videotaped over 3 different sessions and although we only appear in the middle of it and towards the end (and, yes, it is now on youtube), I marveled at the number who mentioned to me at the reception how much they enjoyed seeing ISOM faculty featured in it.

The link to this latest UMass Amherst videoclip is here. It also includes a clip of the second most powerful female in the world, according to Forbes, Sheila Bair, who is Chair of the FDIC, and on leave from my department.