Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Human Traffic Jam in Contrast to a Wintry Peace

Many this past weekend were traveling back from their holiday breaks and New Year celebrations. The place not to have been was last Sunday at the Newark airport, from which one of my former doctoral students, Trisha Woolley, and her family were flying back from to Dallas.

Because of a security incident, one of the terminals was closed and some planes on the tarmac were stuck there for up to three hours. The article, New York Times - Human Traffic Jam,
describes what transpired but the photos of the human traffic jam are even more enlightening. At least being in a human traffic jam on 5th Avenue during the holiday season is much more entertaining and fun!

In contrast, Verlyn Klinkenborg writes about the peace of winter in the New York Times - Snowing Forward, which I could also relate to.

After completing a pile of journal article reviews and also after revising one of my own papers, I needed a break yesterday. I took a long hike in my neighborhood in Amherst. The photos above were taken during the hike. It is always wondrous to see animal prints in the snow. Clearly, deer had wandered into our backyard as well as the usual cast of neighborhood cats and other friendly characters. The stream was partially covered with a heavy blanket of snow. The peace and serenity under a golden sun were exquisite. It was a perfect day in which to combine serious academic work with the joys and beauty of the winter season.