Tuesday, June 1, 2010

World Science Festival Begins Tomorrow in NYC!

The New York Times had a wonderful article on the third World Science Festival that begins tomorrow in New York City. The article, The Cosmos and the Culture Converge at a Science Festival, by Dennis Overbye captures some of the wonder and excitement of this annual event which combines science, art, music, and even drama (with Alan Alda being one of the main movers behind this fantastic annual event). Dr. Brian Greene, the physicist from Columbia University and his wife, Tracy Day, the journalist, were the originators of this creative extravaganza that transforms parts of NYC during the beautiful month of June into a science wonderland.

I was a participant in last year's World Science Festival as a panelist on Traffic and the experience was simply fabulous. I enjoyed meeting other speakers and participants at the festival and in my meanderings around Soho since several of the events take place at NYU and I was put up in the Soho Grand Hotel.

If you can make it to NYC this week, do take part in the World Science Festival, which even includes a street fair, and with Stephen Hawkings, the renowned Cambridge University cosmologist, as one of the headliners, I promise you that you will not be disappointed!