Saturday, July 30, 2011

How ISO New England Ensures Electric Power Reliability for New England

The Independent Systems Operator (ISO) for New England has a tough job. It works to ensure the reliability of electric power for all of New England. I recently wrote about electric power network modeling.

Today's Boston Globe has a nice article on ISO New England that quotes Dr. Vamsi Chadalavada. In the article, the importance of weather forecasting is noted as well as demand management when the need for electric power, as we had recently due to the heat, gets too high. My daughter personally experienced the demand management when she was sent home early from her summer job last Friday because her school, where she is working, agreed to reduce power use by shutting off the air conditioners.

We had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Chadalavada as well as Mr. Richard Brooks in our UMass Amherst INFORMS Speakers Series. Mr. Brooks spoke on smart grid development whereas Dr. Chadalavada gave us an overview of New England's power system and markets.

As for some of the challenges and opportunities regarding the smart grid, a summary of the highlights of Mr. Brooks visit and talk at the Isenberg School can be found here.