Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Case of the Mystery Photo -- We Think that It Has Been Solved Due to Mr. Ron Capik

In recent blogposts I have written about Innovation a la Bell Labs as well as the mystery photo that was published by The New York Times to accompany the Op-Ed piece, which The Times had removed from the online version of the article (but not my hardcopy). Mr. Ron Capik, who retired from Bell Labs, had contacted me, after reading my original blogpost, that noted the photo and told me that The Times had removed the photo and that he was pretty sure that it had not been taken at Bell Labs, as implied.

It seems that the case of the mystery photo, which I included an image of from my hardcopy of The Times and posted, has been solved, and by none other than Mr. Ron Capik, who provided me with a link, after he had done some serious Internet sleuthing to identify the origin of the photo. It appears that it was taken at Allied Chemical -- hence, those nice white labcoats (some freshly pressed) back in 1966!

Thanks to Mr. Ron Capik for his expert sleuthing!