Monday, March 12, 2012

In Glorious Gothenburg

I arrived yesterday in Gothenburg, Sweden with a short layover in London Heathrow.

Both flights on British Airways were packed but very comfortable although I had a middle seat on the first leg out of Boston Logan. I was seated next to a female going back to Ukraine who works in healthcare IT and another female PhD student who was off to Oslo to present at a history workshop.

My apartment is lovely and so quiet.

The city was teaming with life yesterday, a Sunday, and the cafes were packed.

I wandered for miles and found the School of Business, Economics and Law where I will be giving two talks today. The first will be to a class and the title is Financial Networks. I will be speaking on mergers and acquisitions and also providing an overview of financial networks.

I will also have the pleasure of introducing myself through a formal seminar. I will focus on international collaborations.

The sun is shining and new adventures are beginning.