Thursday, September 13, 2012

International Researchers Welcomed to a Palace Reception with the Mayor

Soon I will be back in Sweden and I am very much looking forward to being back in what has become my second home. In 2012 I was appointed a Visiting Professor of Operations Management at the University of Gothenburg and have already had two extended visits there.

My lectures on Operations Management and Supply Chain Network Theory that I will be giving as part of a PhD course in Business Administration there in early October are completed. I really worked hard on them and very much enjoyed the process. I will presenting this material at the School of Business, Economics and Law at the university.

Today I received a wonderful invitation from Gothenburg. Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, after Stockholm.

The city of Gothenburg will be hosting a reception for international researchers. This certainly is a wonderful way in which to make us feel welcome and to also have opportunities to network with other researchers.

We will even get to meet the Lord Mayor, Lena Malm.

The reception will be taking place at the Dickson Palace, which is in a stunning building that I have passed by on my previous visits to the School of Business, Economics and Law.

The palace is featured in the invitation above.

The palace was built by Oscar Dickson and his princess from Greece in 1859. The house served as an apartment to the family, with its 3 floors and over 30 rooms.

The building is situated at the corner of Parkgatan and Södra vägen, just next to the city garden “Trädgårds-föreningen” and the big avenue “Kungsportsavenyn in the centre of Gothenburg.

The Swedes know how to welcome with style.