Monday, January 21, 2013

Happy Birthday to Grand Central Terminal in NYC and Model Trains

Who doesn't love trains?

Just two weeks ago, we were in NYC and took the MetroNorth Train from New Haven to Grand Central Terminal, which, as always, was majestic.

The New York Times yesterday (Sunday edition) had a wonderful multipage article with large color photo on the Grand Central Terminal, which I will share with my students in the Transportation & Logistics class that I teach in the Fall. The building of it was quite the engineering and construction marvel and soon we will be celebrating its 100th  birthday. The article was by Sam Roberts, whose new book, "Grand Central: How a Train Stations Transformed America," will be out soon. The Times also has a nice video by Mr. Roberts.

While passing through Grand Central Terminal we also stopped by the New York Transit Museum Gallery & Store there and the photos below were taken of the model train exhibit there, which delighted train lovers of all ages.
 And, since I could not resist, and we now only have the memories and photos, below is a video of the models train that provided enjoyment during the holiday season in our home.

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