Saturday, December 7, 2013

Environmental Applications and Computational Management Science


The special issue of the journal Computational Management Science on Environmental Applications is now published. It is volume 10, issue 4, December 2013. Thanks to the Editors, Professors Breton and Zaccour,  for putting together this great volume. We are honored to have our latest work on supply chains, freight, and sustainability in it. 

Additional information on the full issue can be found at:

Michèle Breton & Georges Zaccour
Dynamic decentralization of harvesting constraints in the management of tychastic evolution of renewable resources
Jean-Pierre Aubin, Luxi Chen & Marie-Hélène Durand
A robust meta-game for climate negotiations
Frédéric Babonneau, Alain Haurie & Marc Vielle
Spatial control of invasive species in conservation landscapes
Christopher M. Baker & Michael Bode
Ecological-economic modelling for the sustainable management of biodiversity
L. Doyen, A. Cissé, S. Gourguet, L. Mouysset, P.-Y. Hardy, C. Béné, F. Blanchard, F. Jiguet, J.-C. Pereau & O. Thébaud
Computation of viability kernels: a case study of by-catch fisheries
Jacek B. Krawczyk, Alastair Pharo, Oana S. Serea & Stewart Sinclair
Supply chain network sustainability under competition and frequencies of activities from production to distribution
Anna Nagurney, Min Yu & Jonas Floden
Shallow lake economics run deep: nonlinear aspects of an economic-ecological interest conflict
Florian Wagener