Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rest in Peace, John F. Nash, INFORMS Fellow and Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences

I just heard the shocking news that John F. Nash, an INFORMS Fellow, in the inaugural class of 2002,  and 1994 Nobel laureate in Economic Sciences,  was killed in a taxi crash on the New Jersey turnpike.  He was traveling with his wife of many years, Alice Nash, who also died in the crash.

Just last week, John Nash had been in Norway to receive the Abel Prize for his contributions to mathematics.

Here I am in Sweden writing another book and in almost every chapter I am citing the work of John Nash, specifically, his contributions to noncooperative game theory.

It is such a horrible shame that he and his wife died in this way.

He had a Brilliant Mind.

He had  lectured at UMass Amherst in October 2002 on Ideal Money and Asymptotically Ideal Money. The below photo is courtesy of UMass Amherst.
I have written about John Nash and his influence on my work and that of others several times on this blog and I leave you with the link to a previous post.

Rest in Peace, John Nash, and your wife, as well! Many, many thanks for your incredible contributions to mathematics, operations research, and economics!