Thursday, July 2, 2015

Photos from Our Great Dynamics of Disasters Banquet in Greece

Conferences are places where you reconnect with friends from around the world, make new ones, exchange ideas, and have memories to treasure of new experiences.

Last night we held the gala banquet for our Dynamics of Disasters conference in Kalamata, Greece.

This conference has been taking place during a historic week for Greece because of the financial debt crisis and the euro.

Conversations on this topic have permeated the conference although its focus was primarily natural disasters. This conference brought together researchers and practitioners from the US, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Turkey, Austria, Romania,  Russia,  among other countries.

Below are photos taken last night at our banquet. The beauty of the scenery and the great hospitality and camaraderie we will fondly remember. The important work in this domain continues.

Many thanks to my fellow conference co-organizers, Professor Panos M. Pardalos and Professor Ilias Kotsireas for making this conference possible! Thanks also to all the speakers and participants.