Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Disaster Communications

Yesterday,  we were treated to a guest lecture on Disaster Communications in my Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare class.

Hard to believe that May 2 will be the last class of this semester (and academic year)! It has been a great experience teaching this class and a very important feature of the class has been the experts that I have brought in as guest speakers.

The guest lecture on Disaster Communications was given by the "other" Professor Nagurney.

There is so much happening in terms of technology and disaster communications that the students and I enjoyed the lecture very much. In particular, with the contract given to AT&T to the tune of $7 billion for FirstNet, it will be very interesting to see how many states adopt this broadband network for public safety.

I am delighted that the lecture slides have been made available so that anyone interested can benefit. There is still a tremendous amount that can be done in this area - note that the US and several other countries have yet to ratify the Tampere Convention, for example.

Below are a few photos posted from the lecture.
Thanks to Dr. Ladimer S. Nagurney, Professor of Electrical an Computer Engineering, for sharing knowledge about disaster communications with the class!

Now I am looking forward to the students' team project presentations in the next two classes on topic ranging from electric power restoration post disasters to the Syrian crisis to the cold chain in disaster relief and even food distribution.