Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Talk at Cornell University

Today I will be speaking at Cornell University and will be hosted by Dr. Kieran Donaghy. I will be speaking in the Regional Science and Policy seminar series. My talk will be on global supply chains and the associated vulnerabilities and synergies today. My host I have known from the Regional Science community and I hope to also be able to connect with faculty and students in Operations Research and Civil Engineering at Cornell.

My dissertation advisor at Brown University, Dr. Stella Dafermos, who was the second female in the world to receive her PhD in Operations Research was at Cornell after receiving her PhD from Johns Hopkins University. She, with her husband, then moved to Brown University. Stella Dafermos died at the age of 49 and she was one of the few honored with an obituary in the journal Operations Research (which I wrote).

I used to serve on the Cornell Supercomputer National Allocation Committee and would fly regularly to Cornell and stay at the wonderful Stadtler hotel. I am very much looking forward to seeing Cornell again.