Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Operations Research Conference in Argentina Snapshots

In an earlier blogpost I provided photos of my first 48 hours in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where I am attending the ALIO INFORMS conference. This conference has convened operations researchers from around the globe and I have enjoyed the plenary talks and tutorials and the talks that I have attended.

Above I have posted photos of the conference venue which is the law school in Buenos Aires. The group photo was taken at the international collaborations panel that took place yesterday morning after which I also had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Celso Ribeiro speak on soccer scheduling optimization for Brazil.

Coincidentally, at my session on sustainable supply chains, which took place on Sunday, a member of the audience was wearing a UMass Amherst sweatshirt. He bought the sweatshirt in Chile and it is his favorite. Seeing him in the audience made my presentation on Sustainable Supply Chain Network Design: A Multicriteria Perspective a lot of fun to give.