Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A New Student Generation and E-Cycling

As the new academic year begins and students move into their new dorms (and new roles) on campus, many colleges and universities are hosting special events.

My husband has already started teaching at his university, the University of Hartford, and this past week it hosted a special series of events focusing on Our Campus -- Our Planet.

At this full day of special activities, he gave a presentation on e-cycling, which he had worked on a lot and I thought it both relevant and entertaining so we have made his presentation available in pdf format. In his presentation, he references a paper that appeared in Transportation Research E that I co-authored with my former doctoral student, Fuminori Toyasaki, who is now a Professor at York University in Canada, and which is on the list of most-cited papers in this journal over the past 5 years.

Who can forget one's freshman year and especially that monumental moment when one gets dropped off on campus and parents leave?!

In terms of e-cycling (electronic recycling), the students of today certainly have much more electronic equipment that they bring to campus than their parents did.

Nice that colleges are keeping the students busy with various activities and interesting lectures before classes begin.