Sunday, July 10, 2011

Our OpEd on Medical Nuclear Supply Chains Published Today

It is important not only to do research but also to speak about it at conferences and at other forums.

There are also topics that one may feel sufficiently passionate about and may wish to disseminate thoughts, ideas, and even research results on to a broader audience. Hence, it is also important for academics to contribute OpEd pieces to newspapers on timely topics.

Medical nuclear supply chains, which impact our healthcare security, are such a topic and their vulnerability needs to be addressed.

There is some movement in the US Congress in this direction but the criticality of such supply chains, which enable both cardiac and cancer diagnostics, needs to be emphasized.

Our OpEd piece on the subject: Viewpoint: Passage of American Medical Isotope Production Act of 2011 will help ensure U.S. nuclear medicine supply chain, was published in today's Springfield Republican newspaper, and may be read here.

We have begun to conduct serious research on the design and redesign of medical nuclear supply chains. Our first study on the subject can be accessed, in pdf format, here.