Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Suspense is Building -- Will Cornell or Stanford or Another Institution get the New Graduate School of Science and Engineering in NYC

You may have heard that Mr. Bloomberg, the mayor of NYC, is very keen on having NYC become a high technology hub and is putting substantial financial resources behind this idea.

In only a few days, it will be announced as to which university (or will there be two) will receive the go-ahead and funding, including land, to build a new Graduate School that will focus on Applied Sciences and Engineering.

Cornell University and Stanford University (yes, in Silicon Valley) have emerged as the top contenders and Cornell is now partnering also with Technion in Israel.

Of course, one can't fully exclude Columbia and NYU from the mix.

It is a very interesting competition and I look forward to seeing who emerges as the top contender and gets the contract valued in hundreds of millions of dollars.

Some more background on this initiative can be found here.