Friday, December 16, 2011

Stanford Pulls Out of NYC Science Center Competition So Will Cornell Get It?

It's just been announced that Stanford University has pulled out of the science center competition in NYC, which is the initiative and dream of Mayor Bloomberg.

The Chronicle of Higher Education just emailed the following article," In a Surprise Reversal, Stanford Pulls Out of Competition for NYC Campus," which can be accessed and read here.

I have been blogging about this competition and it seems that now Cornell, with a partner in Technion in Israel will, indeed, be the frontrunner.

According to the Chronicle of Higher Ed article:

Of the five bidders still in contention—the city eliminated a proposal from Amity University, in India, and another from a consortium of New York research institutions—only Cornell and the Technion are vying for the 10-acre site on Roosevelt Island, seen as the most desirable of locations the city offered.

"There's a little bit of Yahoo-ing around here," said Lance R. Collins, Cornell's dean of engineering and a key academic architect of the university's bid. But he said even with Stanford's withdrawal, the negotiations continue. "Until I hear the mayor say our name, I'm not counting our chickens."