Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Congratulations and Kudos from the Supernetwork Center

At the end of every year, I highlight special achievements and activities of the past year of the Center Associates at the Virtual Center for Supernetworks that I founded 10 years ago at the Isenberg School of Management and that I continue to direct.

These are noted in a special Congratulations and Kudos page. What a great year 2011 was research-wise, teaching-wise, and professionally service-wise, despite tornadoes, Hurricane Irene, and the multiple day power outage after the freaky Halloween snowstorm in the Northeast.

From teaching awards at multiple universities, research and mentorship accolades, numerous conference presentations and panels (Transportation Research Board meeting in DC, AAAS meeting in DC, IEEE Supernetwork Conference in Shanghai, INTRIM in Montreal, NetGCoop in Paris, SAMSI in Raleigh, POMS in Reno, RSAI in Miami, and INFORMS in Charlotte), and plenary talks (China, France, and the US), and even help with conference organizing (SBP in Maryland and the Regional INFORMS Conference at UMass Amherst), and, of course, research publications and even commentaries, it is amazing what this great team, which now has members on 3 continents, has accomplished and has had a lot of fun throughout.

This year we were not only interviewed but even filmed in NYC.

It takes a great team to create synergies and to do important research from sustainable supply chains to humanitarian logistics and healthcare to dynamic networks from electric power to transportation. It also takes a great team to do what needs to be done from helping out with student chapters to bringing speakers in and just being supportive of others.

By working together so much more can be done (and it is much more enjoyable) than going at problems alone. For photos of some of our activities, click here.

Thanks for the support and best wishes!