Saturday, May 19, 2012

They Came from New Delhi, London, NYC, and Even Boston for the MBA Reunion at the Isenberg School

Today, I had a wonderful time getting together with some of our Isenberg School MBA graduates who were at our school for a reunion.

Some had graduated only a few years ago, whereas others had graduated 25 years ago and several 50 years ago. I attended the reception this morning in their honor in our lovely atrium.
What fun it was to reminisce with those in attendance. A group that had had me in the MBA Management Science class and the MIS class that I used to teach flew in from New Delhi and one of my former students, who was in the first class that I ever taught after receiving my PhD and who is now an executive at Ford, flew in from Michigan. They remembered that my classes were tough and that they had to use a lot of math to solve problems in the Management Science class with the critical thinking and analytical skills being useful throughout their careers.

What could be more fun than recapturing those memories of one's student days (and also the early days for me as a new professor and teacher).

From high tech to banking and financial services to even fashion and manufacturing -- the attendees regaled me with stories of their professional successes.

One MBA graduate of our program and reunion attendee told me that he was happiest when he was at UMass Amherst -- needless to say that, as an educator, his comment brought a huge smile to my face.

Another one shared with me how he considers himself to be a true survivor and that "he is still in the game" and he was entertaining and interesting as ever

More information on today's activities can be found here.