Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Always Great to Hear from Former Students

The summer is more than half over and, before we know it, it will be September, and students will be converging from different parts of the globe to institutions of higher education in the United States

It has been a very intense summer, since I spent all of June at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden, and have been working on some big writing projects.

Various campuses in Amherst, Massachusetts from UMass Amherst to Amherst College and Hampshire College are different in the summer than during the academic year, with special programs and activities, and relative peace and quiet.

It is always great to hear from former students and this summer has been no exception.

I have had the pleasure of a visit from a former MBA student of mine, who is now an executive in the automobile industry, who even treated my family to dinner but, most importantly, the face-to face conversations and the laughter, I will long remember.

Plus, I have received many emails from former undergrad students asking whether I could get together for coffee  with them (they will do the traveling) since they are seeking some advice as to graduate school options and/or just want to share their experiences in industry with me.

Others have simply reconnected and updated me as to their professional successes.

Prospective students have also been in touch so I enjoy discussing the strengths of and opportunities at the Isenberg School of Management and, of course, the programs that are especially dear to me -- from our undergraduate Operations Management program, which has recently been renamed "Operations and Information Management," to the doctoral program in Management Science.

A former doctoral student, who is now a "Dr.", having received her PhD, has, in turn, flown off to the West Coast to assume her new position as an Assistant Professor and it is great to hear from her as she settles in to her new life in a great location.

Nothing gives a professor greater satisfaction than seeing her former students achieve and do so well!