Sunday, January 6, 2013

Art for the Winter Doldrums Right in Western Massachusetts

I actually very much enjoy the seasons and now with a blanket of snow in western Massachusetts, the scenes are quite lovely.

However, if one yearns for a brighter landscape than scenes of white with a blue sky then why not go to a local museum?

Although my family had been to the Springfield Museums several times, this past week, was my first venture there with them. It was January 2 and very peaceful. The museums are located in an elegant quad and you can view all of them at one price. We made it to the D'Amour Art Museum and the Science Museum. I was very pleasantly surprised by the elegance of the architecture and the stunning art.

I captured some of my favorite images in the Art Museum in the photos below. Then it was back to finishing up a research paper on supply chain networks (after a great meal -- more below). Artists create works that last and one can't help but be inspired by art created centuries ago or event more recently.

And the outdoor sculptures were also very enjoyable with some inspired by Dr. Seuss' creations.
Incredible to be able to view Impressionist paintings including Monet's, right in Springfield.

And for those of you who are still hungry for more art, I highly recommend a visit to Smith College Art Museum as well as to the Amherst College one! As for food for the body, we ended our excursion with a delicious meal at The Student Prince in downtown Springfield. The Wiener schnitzel, red cabbage, and spaetzel, reminded us of similar fare at our favorite restaurant in Innsbruck, Austria -- Planotzenhof. The meal that we had was absolutely delicious and we had enough left for another dinner at home.