Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Highlights of INFORMS Boston Analytics Conference Through Photos

Today the sun has (finally) come out in Boston and it is the last day of the GREAT INFORMS Analytics Conference in Boston. I will be speaking later today on Cybersecurity and Financial Services, on research funded by the Advanced Cyber Security Center and the National Science Foundation.

I my previous post on this blog I included some photos of our UMass Amherst students who are attending this conference.

Below I have posted some photos from talks, networking events and also the Edelman Awards gala at which the CDC received the 2014 Edelman Award for its efforts in eradicating polio.

INFORMS Registration Area
Keynote Talk by Tom Davenport

Coffee with  Member
 Numerous Networking Opportunities

 Superb Supply Chain Talks
Serendipity of Seeing Colleagues and Students

The Edelman Gala with a Delicious Dessert
The analytics conference has been an intellectual and professional  feast!