Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Still Love you, Brazil!

Today's semifinal 2014 World Cup match of Germany vs Brazil, will go down in sports and soccer history  and I suspect it also congested the Twittersphere.

As the announcer stated, we watched with morbid fascination, with Germany scoring goal after goal, effortlessly, until the score reached 7-0 in Germany's favor.

Gratefully, and with a relief to all spectators (even my German friends), Brazil finally managed a goal with the result that today's final score was 7-1. Germany moves on to the final game which will be played on Sunday. As for who it will play against, we will find out tomorrow whether it will be Argentina or The Netherlands. A Dutch vs. Germany final would be a bit strange on Brazilian soil but we will see!
I liked the above graphic featuring the results for the most recent games with 16 teams remaining from the Bleacher Report and article.

I am sure Brazilians are in mourning, "or worse," as my colleague Professor David E. Boyce emailed me.

Many of us were glued to our TV sets watching the game and are shocked by the outcome. I have several Brazilian friends who were at that game and I do not have the heart to email them my condolences and sympathies (yet).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Brazil for being such a fabulous host of this 2014 World Cup, which has kept many soccer fans around the globe transfixed over the past almost 4 weeks with the extraordinary athleticism, drama, and surprising outcomes. Of course, we also feel for the injured players, especially Brazil's Neymar and I suspect the fact that two of their players were out for the semifinal game played a role in Brazil's loss - it certainly did not help psychologically. It seemed as though the Brazilian players had lost the pep and energy they had in the previous game at which Neymar towards the end of the game got kneed in his back and suffered a fractured vertebra.

Brazil, despite your team's loss today, we thank you for this World Cup and don't lose the spirit!

Best of luck in the consolation match and perhaps you will medal!

Tomorrow we will be watching Argentina play against The Netherlands.

I have been to Argentina, The Netherlands, and Germany, but have yet to make it to Brazil.