Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blood Services and the Red Cross Lecture

I am so pleased to report that the lecture by Mr. Jeff Meyer, the CEO of  Red Cross Blood Services for Massachusetts and Connecticut, which he delivered on March 25, 2015 to my Humanitarian Logistics and Healthcare class is now available and posted so that everyone can learn and benefit.

Many thanks to Mr. Meyer for his graciousness in allowing us to do this! I wrote up a summary of the lecture on this blogpost and I have heard from several readers who very much appreciated it.

The Red Cross is now marking the second anniversary of the Boston marathon bombings with blood drives.  And to further emphasize the importance of blood donations, in that article you can read that:

Bombing survivor Heather Abbott, who lost a leg, says she wouldn't have survived without the several units of blood she received. Transit police officer Richard Donohue, who was critically wounded in the police standoff with the bombers and needed 46 units of blood, is also urging people to give blood. 

Mr. Lou Wigdor, who attended Jeff Meyer's guest lecture, wrote this illuminating piece on it for the Isenberg School of Management website, Business Students Embrace Blood Supply Economics.

Read more here:

Mr. Meyer's talk and visit continue to generate many discussions as well as research ideas. But, then again, a speaker (without any prompting) who notes "network optimization" several times in his lecture, is definitely a kindred spirit!