Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Stunning Infographic via a Tweet - Nash, Braess, Sadik-Khan, and Me Thanks to Dewan Karim

It's always enjoyable to get a pleasant message whether through email, a phone call, in person, or even via a tweet.

I have been mourning the tragic death of John Nash while in Sweden since he influenced so much of my work and was such an extraordinary individual.

Last week, via Twitter, I received a message from Dewan Karim who tweeted the above infographic, which I thought was stunning. Obviously, it had taken him time to prepare  so I contacted him to thank him  and asked him for permission to post it in this blogpost, which he granted. Dewan tweets under Complete Mobility @DewanMKarim. He is a professional engineer and is a transportation planner in the greater Toronto area.

Not only did he include John Nash, but also Dietrich Braess, of Braess paradox fame, whom I also admire so much, and had the pleasure of hosting at the Isenberg School back in 2006.

Dewan told me that he attended the Traffic panel that I was a panelist on at the World Science Festival in NYC, which I wrote a post on.  He became very interested in the Braess paradox which I spoke on and, in particular, relative to Mayor Bloomberg shutting Broadway from 42nd to 47th Street to vehicular traffic and converting it to a pedestrian plaza.  This decision was made in conjunction with Dr. Janette Sadik-Khan.

Interestingly, I last saw Dr. Sadik-Khan, of whom I am also a big fan, when she and I were panelists together on the Transport and Traffic at The New York Times Energy for Tomorrow Conference, also in NYC, in  2013.

I like the above ninfographic so much that I will show it to my students in my Transportation and Logistics class at the Isenberg School next Fall.

In any event, it is so nice to be on the same page with researchers and a practitioner I so much admire.

Thank you, Dewan Karim!