Friday, October 30, 2015

From Sustainability to Cybersecurity - Looking Forward to INFORMS in Philadelphia

I am so looking forward to the INFORMS conference, which is taking place in Philadelphia, November 1-4, 2015. I am heading out on Sunday. There will be great talks there and sessions, wonderful events, various professional meetings, serendipitous get-togethers, terrific colleagues from around the globe, and, of course, announcements of various awards and celebrations.

This annual conference also serves as a great venue to see many of my former doctoral students who are thriving as either academics or leaders in industry.
Plus, the INFORMS annual conference is a great forum at which to present your latest research!

This time around, we will be presenting on topics ranging from sustainability to cybersecurity with our work on identifying most important suppliers in supply chains, and also quality competition in freight service provision, also being presented.

Since the talks are ready, below you can get a preview of them. It's been fascinating working on a diversity of topics but all with an underlying networks theme. Many thanks to my great students and collaborators, from near and far and for the synergies created through the Virtual Center for Supernetworks!

The first presentation, highlighted below, is on the theme of sustainability.  It will be presented at a session on networks organized by Professor Vladimir Boginski of the University of Florida.

The ecolabelling presentation can be downloaded here  It is based on the recently published paper:  Fashion Supply Chain Network Competition with Ecolabelling, Anna Nagurney, Min Yu, and Jonas Floden, in Sustainable Fashion Supply Chain Management: From Sourcing to Retailing, T.-M. Choi and T.C.E. Cheng, Editors, Springer (2015) pp 61-84.

The second presentation is on work with my most recent PhD student to graduate, Dr. Dong Li.

This presentation can be downloaded here.  We are very excited about the results, which also appear in the paper:  Supply Chain Performance Assessment and Supplier and Component Importance Identification in a General Competitive Multitiered Supply Chain Network Model, Dong Li and Anna Nagurney, accepted for publication in the Journal of Global Optimization.

The third presentation is on joint research, also with my great collaborator in Sweden, Professor Jonas Floden, and two of my doctoral students, Sara Saberi and Shivani Shukla.

 The full presentation can be downloaded here. The presentation is based on a paper recently published: Supply Chain Network Competition in Price and Quality with Multiple Manufacturers and Freight Service Providers, Anna Nagurney, Sara Saberi, Shivani Shukla, and Jonas Floden, Transportation Research E 77: (2015) pp 248-267.

Finally, some of our research on cybersecurity will also be presented  in a session organized by Professor Laura McLay on the topic.
This talk is availabele for download here. This presentation is based on the paper:  A Supply Chain Game Theory Framework for Cybersecurity Investments Under Network Vulnerability, Anna Nagurney, Ladimer S. Nagurney, and Shivani Shukla, in Computation, Cryptography, and Network Security, N.J. Daras and M.T. Rassias, Editors, Springer International Publishing Switzerland (2015) pp 381-398.

I will also be blogging from the conference, so do come back and visit this blog!