Friday, May 13, 2016

A Few of My Favorite Places, Thus Far, as a Visiting Fellow at Oxford University

Yesterday was a glorious day here in Oxford, England with warm temperatures and the sun shining brightly.  Since I have had many requests to share more of my experiences as a Visiting Fellow at All Souls College at oxford University, with requests coming even from Italy and Colombia, in this blogpost I highlight, through photos, some of my favorite places in Oxford.

Of course, I must begin with All Souls College, which has been so warm and welcoming to the Visiting Fellows. The support provided in such an exquisite ambience in both energizing and spiritually and intellectually uplifting. I enjoy the meals, the fellowship, and conversations immensely. The garden outside my office and fountain are special favorites as is the Codrington Library.

The beauty of the Radcliffe Camera always captivates me as does the natural foods at the restaurant close by.
Downtown Oxford is a short walk from my office and I visit the Museum History of the History is Science which has Einstein's blackboard.
 I also enjoy the covered market with specialty shops and outstanding chocolates and gelato and also fresh produce but the cakes are extra special.
And, of course, for inspiration I love to walk and explore and think. Such places as Trinity College at Oxford University, University Park, and the walk along the Thames River are special to me.
And since downtown is so close to my office, besides the street musicians, and shops, I managed to capture a parade the other day celebrating Oxford's soccer team getting elevated to a higher league. Maybe it will be the new Leicester.
And, when it comes to afternoon tea, I sometimes go to the oldest  coffee house in England, which is on High Street.

With the beauty and support here, it is such a pleasure to work. Thank you All Souls College at Oxford University for this incredible experience! Also, for the new friendships made.

And today and tomorrow I will be at a very interesting Responsible Business Forum at the Said School of Business.