Sunday, January 22, 2017

Supply Chain Performance Assessment

It has certainly been an exciting start to the new 2017 year!

My collaborators and I were delighted to start off the new year with two journal publications, including that of the paper, Supply Chain Performance Assessment and Supplier and Component Importance Identification in a General Competitive Multitiered Supply Chain Network Model, Dong Li and Anna Nagurney, Journal of Global Optimization 67(1): (2017), pp 223-250.

It is always exciting to get a reprint, as well.
 Our paper appears in a special issue of the Journal of Global Optimization edited by Professor Panos M. Pardalos.

What makes this paper unique is that, not only do we construct a multitiered supply chain network equilibrium model with suppliers, but we also provide measures for assessing an individual firm's performance in a supply chain network and also that of the entire supply chain consisting of competing firms and suppliers. In addition, we define importance indicators of suppliers as well as components in the production processes to individual firms as well as to the entire supply chain network.

For those of you who are interested (there are some very informative images therein), the link to a presentation that I prepared on this paper, with additional motivation and results, can be found here.
This paper is already getting cited, which is always gratifying to researchers.