Thursday, February 2, 2023

Thrilled to be Appointed Chair of the Magazine Editorial Advisory Board (MEAB) of INFORMS

Professional magazines inform, educate, and entertain and help one to network and to keep on top of developments in one's field. From professional magazines, one can learn about events and conferences, and honors that members have received as well as professional appointments. 

I was thrilled to be approved by the INFORMS Executive Committee to Chair the Magazine Editorial Advisory Board (MEAB). The Executive Committee was gracious to delay the start of my appointment to January 1, 2023 because of Russia's major invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022. Thanks to Cole Smith, the past INFORMS VP of Publications, for shepherding the motion for this! My readers know that my first language is Ukrainian and I serve as a Co-Chair of the Board of Directors of the Kyiv School of Economics (in addition to my chaired professorship appointment at the Isenberg School of Management).

I have very big shoes to fill - Professor James Cochran of the University of Alabama is my predecessor and served as Chair of the MEAB for many years!

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting with Kara Tucker, who is the Editor of the INFORMS magazines: ORMS Today and the Analytics Magazine, as well as Analytics eNews. She also oversees the student membership magazine ORMS Tomorrow. Kara had met with Jim Cochran, Matt Walls, who is the Director of Publications at INFORMS, and me at the Indianapolis INFORMS Annual Meeting, which took place in October 2022 to provide some guidance. We had a terrific brainstorming session.

Below, I display a photo of the two most recent issues of ORMS Today, which are cover to cover reads! I was deeply honored to have written the cover article on Ukraine for the October 2022 issue.

As Chair of MEAB, I will also have voting privileges as a Member of the INFORMS Publication Committee, whose VP is Chris Tang.

Information on ORMS Today, including issues, can be found here.

Information on Analytics Magazine is available here.

ORMS Tomorrow info can be found here.

I think that you might enjoy the essay, "Great Reasons to Write for INFORMS Magazines," by Jim Cochran in ORMS Today!

Below is a list of those who are serving on the MEAB with the names in yellow having their terms now  ending. The composition of the MEAB is very impressive with international representatives from academia and industry. Thanks to all for their service! I am in the process of  filling the 3 slots and am delighted that Trilce Encarnacion of the University of Missouri St. Louis will be filling the slot vacated by Shannon Harris. Also, Jun Zhuang of the University of Buffalo will fill in the slot vacated by Andy Hall. Looking forward to an exciting time supporting the great INFORMS magazines.

Laura Kornish (University of Colorado-Boulder) – marketing science

Andy Hall (Marymount University) – military, security, and analytics 

Shannon Harris (Virginia Commonwealth University) – MIF, WORMS, and analytics 

Catherine Cleophas (University of Kiel) – transportation and logistics 

Carlos Paternina-Arboleda (San Diego University) – international activities

Gokce Esenduran (Purdue University) – manufacturing and service operations management 

Yao-Hsuan Chen (MSD Research Laboratories) – health applications 

Akshay Gupte (University of Edinburgh) – computing and optimization 

Emily McIntosh (Ernst & Young) – artificial intelligence and machine learning 

James Cochran (University of Alabama) – emeritus member.