Saturday, January 24, 2009

Transportation and Network Economics

The new semester begins at UMass Amherst this week and students are coming back to our snowy but gorgeous campus! With infrastructure such a major topic in the news lately, and with discussions about transportation improvements (and how to pay for them) taking place from Massachusetts to China, I thought that it would be relevant to share course lectures.

If you want to learn more about multimodal traffic networks, how to set tolls, and how to predict traffic flows on congested urban transportation networks, read more.

Teaching and researching networks can take you to some fantastic places. The Fulbright experience, in particular, is incomparable. Here you can also find lectures that I gave in magical Innsbruck, Austria, while on a 4 month Fulbright as well as talks on Complex Networks given last March in Catania, Italy (the location of the volcano Mt. Etna).