Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Dr. Stephen Trachtenberg and the Value of Education

The New York Times piece on the value of an advanced degree has commentaries by several leading educators, including one by Dr. Stephen Trachtenberg, which is simply terrific! Dr. Trachtenberg was the President of the University of Hartford, where my husband teaches, and then became the President of George Washington University. Dr. Trachtenberg's intelligence and fantastic sense of humor, plus his wisdom, show through in his commentary. He recognizes that universities are a magical world and that there is nothing like learning something new!

Earning an advanced degree takes time, effort, commitment, and sacrifice, but the potential payoffs can be more than worth the investment in both time and financing. Plus, many graduate programs do offer stipends and fellowships. One just needs to do the research and to find the best match. Also, faculty in today's economic climate must help students to develop their professional networks, which can be invaluable when it comes to employment time.

Education can take you on paths and journeys that you never realized were out there! Earning an advanced degree may turn out being the best investment made!