Friday, July 17, 2009

Teaching at Harvard University in Executive Education

I am getting ready to teach my course next week at Harvard University. I have been appointed an Instructor at the Office of Executive Education at Harvard and will be using materials from my latest book, "Fragile Networks: Identifying Vulnerabilities and Synergies in an Uncertain World," as well as from my "Financial Networks: Statics and Dynamics" book. The former book was co-authored with Dr. Qiang "Patrick" Qiang and the latter with Dr. Stavros Siokos, both of whom were my doctoral students at UMass Amherst and are Associates of the Virtual Center for Supernetworks that I direct.

The Harvard course that I will be teaching is part of the Advanced Management Development Program and in the course there will be students from numerous countries, including: China, Nigeria, Lebanon, India, Australia, Spain, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, and even from the US! This should be an incredible teaching and educational experience.

I will be returning to my second "alma mater," since I was a Fellow of the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard in 2005-2006 and am considered (on top of my four Brown University degrees) to be a Harvard alum.

Speaking of returning to own's alma mater, this weekend we will be helping to host one of my former students from Colombia who received his MBA from UMass Amherst and who will be visiting us with his family.