Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hosting a Visiting Scholar from Australia (Who Also Was a Former Doctoral Student)

Dr. Dmytro Matsypura, of the University of Sydney in Australia, who was my former doctoral student, will be a Visiting Scholar at the Isenberg School of Management until mid-May.

Dr. Matsypura received his PhD in 2006 (I was the chair of his dissertation committee) and the title of his dissertation was, Dynamics of Global Supply Chain and Electric Power Networks: Models, Pricing Analysis, and Computations. We co-authored several papers together, including one that was published in a special issue of Transportation Research E on global supply chains.

Dr. Matsypura is on the faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Sydney (one of the top research universities) and teaches in its Operations Management and Econometrics program. He received tenure in 3 years and is now on sabbatical. Needless to say, it is wonderful when a former student achieves tenure in such record time (indeed, there has been much in the news and media lately about the stress of being on the tenure-track). Plus, it is also special when a former student chooses to spend a good part of his sabbatical leave at the university (UMass Amherst) where he pursued his doctoral studies.

Dr. Matsypura will be speaking in our 2010 Spring INFORMS Speaker Series later this month.