Thursday, August 11, 2011

Model Trains in San Diego

Since I teach and do research in transportation and logistics as well as in networks, whenever I travel, I garner experiences, adventures, and "stories" for my students.

After the State Games of America, an athletic competition extravaganza, which took place in San Diego recently, at which my daughter competed in figure skating, it was time to take in a few of the sites. For me, a Sunday in a city exploring museums is one of my favorite activities.

Since my husband was traveling with us, it would have been remiss not to visit the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in gorgeous Balboa Park, which we did. He has a collection of model trains that he has collected during our world travels to conferences, which adds to the trains that he and his father collected in years past.

Also, I have written about model trains and operations research on this blog.

The above photos were taken at the model railroad museum, which is situated in a stunning building.