Monday, August 15, 2011

Swimming with the Sharks and Dynamics of Predator-Prey Networks

When I heard the news that the beaches in Chatham (Cape Cod) were closed recently because of shark sightings, of course, the movie Jaws came to mind and memories of our trip to San Diego last week as well.

On the northern beaches not only did we see seals, in camouflage, resting on the large rocks, but a fisherman had caught a shark (see photos above) which was also "resting" on the pier off of which I had earlier admired some magnificent surfers and further down lifeguards in training.

Although the trip, as I have written about, was not to a conference, seeing a predator-prey network in action of the fisheries variety, only a day after I had corrected the galleys for our paper, while in San Diego (can academics ever take a day off-line?) Dynamics and Equilibria of Ecological Predator-Prey Networks as Nature’s Supply Chains, in Transportation Research E, I experienced the immediacy and wonder of nature and research in action.