Friday, November 4, 2011

6 Days After the Snowstorm and Some Still Without Electricity

The October 29, 2011 snowstorm surprised the Northeast last Saturday and thousands in Massachusetts are still without electricity.

This is day 6 after the snowstorm (see the photos taken last Sunday of our street in Amherst). I will spare you the photos of the downed trees and broken branches that are now revealing themselves as the snow is melting.

I have many colleagues and neighbors with young children and babies, as well as those who are senior citizens, who have had to endure what one does not expect to happen in the United States of America!

The electric power in our immediate neighborhood was restored three days ago (we were awaken by some lights as we had hunkered down under piles of blankets and woolly hats and were overjoyed to get heat back and lights and the Internet in our home).

My former doctoral student, who lives with his family and young children in West Hartford, Connecticut, still does not have power and my husband's university in Connecticut has held no classes for undergraduates all this week.

Our public schools in Amherst have been closed this entire week; the same holds for many of the neighboring school districts in Massachusetts and in Connecticut.

Such a serious, long-term disruption is a huge wake-up call to the leaders of our so-called civilized society and a Call to Action.