Monday, November 7, 2011

Conference Chaining -- From Regional Science to INFORMS

In transportation we talk about "trip chaining," where a driver combines several errands in a car trip.

This week I will be "conference chaining," since I have back to back conferences but at least they are both on the East Coast.

I will be flying on Wednesday to Miami, Florida where I will be speaking at the 58th Annual North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International.

Then, next Sunday, I will be flying from Miami to Charlotte, NC to take part in the Annual INFORMS Conference.

At the regional science conference, I will be speaking on "Medical Nuclear Supply Chain Design: A Tractable Network Model and Computational Approach," as well as on "Dynamics and Equilibria of Ecological Predator-Prey Networks as Nature's Supply Chains." The latter paper I will be delivering in a special session honoring the memory of Professor Walter Isard, the founder of regional science. It has now been published in Transportation Research E.

This year I chaired the Regional Science Association International Fellow Selection Committee and am looking forward to seeing this honor bestowed on Professor Ake Andersson, who will be traveling from Sweden to receive the fellow plaque.