Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Future of the Internet is a la Carte -- Our NSF Project Featured in ACM Tech News

In a recent post, I wrote about our paper on our National Science Foundation (NSF) project on a new architecture for the Internet, called Choicenet. Professor Tilman Wolf of UMass Amherst is presenting our paper "Choice as a Principle in Network Architecture" today at the ACM SIGCOMM conference in Helsinki, Finland.

One of the Co-PIs on our project just informed me that our project is featured in the latest ACM Tech News, in an article with the  catchy title, "The Future of the Internet is ... a la Carte."
This NSF project is a collaboration of UMass Amherst with the University of Kentucky, NCState, and the Renaissance Institute, RENCI.

NCState did the latest press release on our project and I now have two doctoral students working on it with us. Our group is also one of five selected for the Future Internet Architecture initiative by NSF, which is very cool.

There is also some coverage of our project and paper by Kurzweil.