Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hike to the Rock -- Keeping Up An Old Deerfield Academy Ritual as You Build New Ones

As many high school graduates are preparing for their new lives as college students, it is special to see that some old traditions still matter.

My daughter will soon be off to college and, as a 2012 Deerfield Academy graduate, she has been getting together with classmates and other friends before they embark on their new journeys in life and disperse to more than 50 different colleges and universities.. It was a challenging year for many with Hurricane Irene and the flooding, almost exactly one year ago, and  the power outages during the freaky October "Halloween" snowstorm.

Yesterday, and what could be more appropriate, she and a friend hiked to the Rock, which is an old Deerfield school tradition.

The day was picture perfect and the photo below is of the spectacular view (and reward) when one reaches the top. Western Massachusetts' beauty can be appreciated from this vantage point in any season.

New traditions and rituals await but old school ties are strong and friendships made and lessons learned will sustain those on their new adventures.