Saturday, May 8, 2010

2010 World Science Festival Events are Announced

Earlier, I wrote in this blog, that the cosmologist, Dr. Stephen Hawking, will be a headliner at the 2010 World Science Festival (WSF), which takes place in NYC June 2-6.

The full lineup of 2010 World Science Festival speakers and commentators has now been officially announced. You may find the list of events and additional information here. This festival is definitely multidisciplinary and it is an extraordinary experience. I wrote about my impressions of it last year, since I was a panelist on Traffic at the 2009 WSF.

One of the events at this year's WSF that especially intrigues me is the one on music with Marvin Minsky of Media Lab at MIT, who is considered the founder of artificial intelligence, and Tod Machover, the composer. Marvin Minsky's daughter is a neighbor of mine in Amherst and, coincidentally, next week I will be at the Media Lab at MIT to speak at the NetSci2010 conference.

I would like to thank Brian Greene and Tracy Day, the organizers of the WSF, for putting together the 3rd WSF and wish everyone who is taking part in it this year a magnificent experience.