Monday, May 3, 2010

Pipe Fixed but Still No Clean Water in Boston

******* An Update on this Story ********

Today, May 4, 2010, The Boston Globe is reporting that the water is now safe to drink in Boston and previously affected towns by the water pipe rupture.


The critical pipe has been repaired that channeled fresh water to Boston and surrounding towns east of Weston, Massachusetts. However, tests still need to be conducted to ensure that the water that is coming through is clean and safe to drink. President Obama has declared a state of emergency in Massachusetts.

Students at the colleges in Boston are coping as best as they can, but with the heat, and this period being final exam period for many colleges and universities, it is not easy. Besides the dirty dishes that are piling up, many are going without showers and without their coffee. The Boston Globe has an update on how students are trying to cope.

All those affected will be appreciating and never again taking for granted fresh, clean water.