Saturday, October 9, 2010

Businessweek Recognizes Our Outstanding Operations Management Major at the Isenberg School

Businessweek has now recognized the Operations Management (OM) program/major at the Isenberg School at UMass Amherst as one of the top programs in this specialty for 2010!

Click here for the full list of OM program rankings for 2010.

To make it to the top 25 (actually, we are number 21) speaks to the excellence of the education that our students are receiving.

But education is a two-way street, and the students that our major attracts are amazing and a joy and a privilege to teach.

Background on the determination of the Businessweek rankings in OM and other business specialties is available here.

Our students benefit from a rigorous core curriculum in business and take foundational courses in Management Science, Operations Management, and Quality Management. They select electives in such topics as: Transportation & Logistics (which I teach), Supply Chain Management, Simulation, Forecasting, Business Process Optimization, and Advanced Operations Management.

With recent faculty hires, we are even offering a course in Cybertechnology!

As for what our recent graduates are doing now?! Some are working in exciting startups, others in established well-known retail companies and high-tech companies, while others have positions in logistics and even in government and in the military.

Several of our OM majors have worked for prominent consulting firms and have gone on to receive their MBAs from Harvard or a PhD from MIT.

No matter where their life journeys take them, the critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills that our Operations Management majors acquire, coupled with excellent communication and writing skills, will serve them well. Plus, with the variety of student clubs that we have at the Isenberg School, there are numerous opportunities for our students to assume leadership and officer positions, to travel and to live abroad, to take on wonderful internships, and to engage themselves in community service projects.

Thank you, Businessweek, for recognizing our truly terrific Operations Management program at the Isenberg School!