Saturday, October 23, 2010

Congrats to All the Student Chapter Award Recipients of INFORMS!

I would like to congratulate all the recipients of this year's INFORMS student chapter awards! The award ceremony will take place on Tuesday morning, November 9, 2010, in Austin, Texas at the 2010 INFORMS annual conference.

Special thanks go to the officers of the student chapters as well as the Faculty Advisors who work very hard in organizing activities and disseminating information about operations research and the management sciences. As the Faculty Advisor to the UMass Amherst INFORMS Student Chapter, I know the dedication that is required to have a successful student chapter. 32 INFORMS student chapters submitted their annual reports for 2009 and the awards below are to recognize the leading chapters for their activities.

The message below is from Dr. Stefan Karisch and was distributed today to the Faculty Advisors and the chapter presidents.

Dear Student Chapter Officers,

Congratulations! The Chapters/Fora Committee is pleased to notify you that your chapter is a winner of the INFORMS Student Chapter Annual Award at the level shown below. The purpose of these awards is to recognize the achievements of student chapters. The award will be presented at the Chapters/Fora Breakfast at the upcoming INFORMS Annual Meeting in Austin. If you are at the meeting, we hope you will join us and be recognized at this event. If not, we will mail the award to you.

Best regards,

Stefan Karisch

INFORMS VP Chapters/Fora

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