Monday, March 21, 2011

Let's Build a Resilient Network Economy Through an Infrastructure Bank and Analytics

How far does our critical infrastructure have to crumble before we will take concerted, systemic action?

How many disasters do we have to observe and experience, from both near and far, before we move forward?

How many opportunities will we continue to miss in moving our people and goods more efficiently, in cleaning up our air and waterways, and in building the schools and health care resources that our citizens need and deserve?

How long do we wait before the latest research on network resiliency gets put into practice?

How many more people need to lose their jobs before we, as a country, move forward in a significant, constructive, and measurable way?

There is promise on the horizon.

In an editorial, published in today's New York Times, there is bipartisan support, led by Senators John Kerry, Democrat of Massachusetts, Kay Bailey Hutchison, Republican of Texas, and Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia, to establish an infrastructure bank. According to the editorial: The bank would lend money to build big-ticket transportation, water and energy projects that have a clear public benefit. The loans, or loan guarantees, would be designed to attract private capital as well. In fact, at least half a project’s financing would have to come from the private sector. As much as $640 billion could be leveraged this way over the next decade, proponents say.

It is time for the United States of America to lead in creation of an economy through a critical infrastructure that is an example for all the world! And in doing so, let us take advantage of the latest research on network design, risk management, sustainability, through analytics, so that we repair what needs to be repaired; build what needs to be built and where, and create lasting jobs for a brighter and safer future for all!

And remember, let's acknowledge system risk and financial networks, this time around!