Friday, April 8, 2011

Will be in Waterloo and not Chicago

Next week will certainly be another busy week!

Excitement is growing about the INFORMS Business Analytics & Operations Research Conference, which begins on April 10, 2011, and will be in Chicago this year. It should be a fantastic event with the announcement of the Edelman prize, panels, and various networking opportunities. Also, it will be covered by bloggers in case you, like I, can't be there.

I accepted an invitation extended last summer to speak on April 11 at the University of Waterloo in the Department of Management Sciences in the Faculty of Engineering. I am very much looking forward to being back in Canada, albeit for a short time, and to seeing colleagues in that terrific department. My talk in the department's seminar series is on:

Supply Chain Networks: Challenges and Opportunities from Analysis to Design.

Since I was born in Canada I can go through immigration in Toronto through the "faster" route since the Canadians still consider me to be a Canadian, although I now hold a US passport.

Also, speaking about upcoming conferences, UMass Amherst issued a nice press release on our upcoming First Northeast Regional INFORMS Conference that will be held at UMass Amherst, May 6-7, 2011. We hope to get, in addition to some of our regular bloggers, student bloggers to also cover this event.

Happy Spring (finally)!