Sunday, April 24, 2011

Will be Speaking at the Cornell Memorial Symposium for Walter Isard

Later this week, I will be flying to Cornell to speak at the Symposium on the Legacy of Walter Isard.

The symposium will take place April 29, 2011, in the afternoon, and the Memorial Service that morning. The Isard family is expected to attend.

Professor Kieran P. Donaghy, who is Chair of the Department of City and Regional Planning at Cornell and the Director of Graduate Studies in Regional Science, has organized the day's events, for which I am most grateful for.

Professor Walter Isard passed away last November at age 91 and I wrote a tribute to him on this blog. I'll never forget how he came to my talk at Cornell on April 1, 2009.

The program for the symposium, which will take place from 2-5PM at Cornell next Friday will include the following speakers and their titles (we have been allotted about 15 minutes) each:

Tony Smith -- The General Theory Book -- A Retrospective

Adam Rose (w/ Henk Folmer) -- Walter Isard’s Contributions to Ecological Economics

Peter Nijkamp -- Behaviour of Humans and Behaviour of Models: A Retrospective View on Walter Isard’s Contribution

I will speak on "A Thank You for the Network Legacy of Professor Isard."

Christine Smith -- Modeling Conflict Resolution

Charles Anderton -- Emergence of Peace Economics

David Boyce -- RSA and Travels with Walter

Peter Batey-- The Development of Regional Science in Europe

T. John Kim-- Input-Output in Urban Models and Founding of the Korean Regional Science Association

Lay Gibson -- Organization of the Mexican and other PRSCO sections

Iwan Azis -- Walter’s Ideas in Action

Glenn Palmer-- Walter Isard and the Peace Science Society.

The confirmed speakers for the morning Memorial Service are: Mike Teitz, Kingsley Haynes, Art Getis, Jean Paelinck, Geoff Hewings, Karen Polenske, Yoshitsugu Kanemoto, Michale Romanos, Dick Schuler, Janet Kohlhase, Maria Willumsen, Manas Chatterji, Judith Reppy, Jean Paelinck, with remarks from Dina Zinnes, Janice Madden, Martin Beckmann read by Kieran Donaghy.

I think that Professor Walter Isard would be very pleased to see how many are traveling even from Europe to honor his contributions and his legacy.

My presentation can be accessed here.