Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Red Chair Interview with Yul Kwon on CNN and an INFORMS Connection

I have this uncanny ability to be thinking of someone and then they appear (or at least contact me).

In speaking on the Newsmakers panel at the 2011 INFORMS Charlotte conference this past Monday, which was organized by Barry List, in my presentation I included a photo of being interviewed by Yul Kwon on Broadway last March for the PBS production America Revealed, which should be airing this winter. Yul was the winner of the TV show Survivor (Cook Islands) and is a Stanford and Yale Law school grad. He gave up working as a lawyer (and at the FCC to which he was appointed by Obama) to work on TV.

I got back from the INFORMS conference only to find that Yul was a subject of a CNN Red Chair Interview, with an accompanying article, which mentioned America Revealed in the first line.

The interview is special and emphasizes Yul's Korean American roots, his struggles to fit, and how he is reaching out to others.

I enjoyed talking to him for over 3 hours on that cold March 15, 2011 day and having the experience of being filmed by a great LionTV crew. The conversation focused on the Braess paradox, the closure of Broadway between 47th Street and 42nd Street to vehicular traffic, and basketball.

Yul is not only really smart but he is also really nice and is a great interviewer, as well!

My slide presentation on the Newsmakers panel can be downloaded, in pdf format, here.