Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Designing Sustainable Blood Supply Chains

My doctoral student, Amir Masoumi, will be presenting our joint research on the design of sustainable blood supply chains at the upcoming INFORMS Annual Meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina. The presentation, which can be accessed here, is based on the paper of the same title, which is scheduled for publication, we recently heard, in early 2012, in the book, Sustainable Supply Chains: Models, Methods and Public Policy Implications, T. Boone, V. Jayaraman, and R. Ganeshan, Editors, Springer, London, England.

In addition, as I wrote in a recent blogpost, we will also be presenting our research on sustainable fashion supply chains at this conference.

Mary Leszczynsli of INFORMS has now posted the October Blog Challenge Results: O.R. and the Environment and the posts by bloggers in our community is not only informative but illuminating and entertaining, as well. You can access her summary and all the links here.

I contributed two posts to this challenge and wrote about meeting the Nobel laureate Dr. Elinor Ostrom (the only female to have been awarded the Nobel prize in Economic Sciences to-date) and on our research on sustainable supply chains. Enjoy the great writing of my fellow O.R. bloggers from Frommer to Marco-Serrano, McLay, Poppelaars, Serra, Smith, Subramanian, Trick, and Rubin! And let's not forget the Capgemini team!

The quality and sustainability of the environment affects us all.